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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Give Provos A Chance: The 25-Year Dead John Lennon . . .

. . . imagines some of the world, not quite living as one.

Some less-remembered lyrics from Lennon's "Sunday, Bloody Sunday", recorded a year or so after "Imagine" and not too long after "Give Peace A Chance". (And no, he didn't mean these words ironically):

They've got a lot to learn
Internment is no answer
It's those mother's turn
to burn!

Sunday bloody sunday
Bloody sunday's the day

You anglo pigs and scotties
Sent to colonize the north
You wave your bloody
Union Jacks
And you know what it's worth!
How dare you hold on to ransom
A people proud and free
Keep ireland for the irish
Put the english back to sea!


-- John Lennon, "Sunday, Bloody Sunday"

Perhaps he and Yoko were undergoing tribal scream therapy.

Anyway, what else to expect from a guy who turned the Communist Manifesto into a piano sing-a-long ("Imagine")?

Nevertheless, he could still consistently manage some rather good tunes and memorable lyrics. So Rest in Peace, John Lennon, even if you were not quite the Man of Peace the fans like to celebrate.

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